Spectaire’s Advanced AireCore Technology to be Integrated into American Ag Energy’s Biomass-to-Fuel Reactors

June 10, 2024

Initial purchase order and delivery of AireCore units completed in May 2024

Integration of AireCore units enables precise tuning of American Ag Energy’s reactors to expand market share in $91 Billion Biomass Energy Market

Collaboration expands Spectaire’s market reach into a new industry vertical

WATERTOWN, Mass., June 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Spectaire Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: SPEC) (“Spectaire”), a leading innovator in mass spectrometry solutions, is pleased to announce a purchase order and delivery of its advanced AireCore units to American Ag Energy, a Boston-based high-efficiency biomass-to-fuel reactor company.

American Ag Energy specializes in transforming agricultural waste into gaseous fuel for existing gas-fired equipment. Their cutting-edge biomass reactors are designed for optimal fuel production from diverse feedstocks, with a real-time closed-loop system that adjusts parameters based on sensor feedback.

The integration of Spectaire's AireCore mass spectrometers into American Ag Energy's product gas analysis loop marks a significant advancement in their technology. Spectaire’s miniature mass spectrometers provide detailed insights into the fuel gas composition, enabling precise tuning of reactor operating parameters for maximum fuel production and efficiency. Spectaire's technology can simultaneously measure expected product gases, delivering a comprehensive overview of gas composition.

"We are proud to support American Ag Energy with our AireCore units," said Brian Semkiw, CEO of Spectaire. "Our mass spectrometers will deliver the detailed analytical capabilities needed to optimize their reactors, enhancing fuel output and operational efficiency. This collaboration underscores our commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions through innovative technology."

American Ag Energy's innovative approach to biomass conversion offers a sustainable solution for agricultural waste while contributing to the broader goal of reducing carbon emissions. By leveraging Spectaire's mass spectrometry technology, they are set to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and performance.

"Integrating Spectaire's mass spectrometers into our reactors is a game-changer for us," said Dr. Richard Rosen, CEO of American Ag Energy. "The detailed analysis provided by AireCore will allow us to fine-tune our processes and maximize fuel production from various feedstocks. This partnership is a significant step forward in our mission to create efficient, sustainable energy solutions."

For more information about American Ag Energy and their groundbreaking biomass-to-fuel technology, please visit American Ag Energy's website.

About Spectaire

Spectaire (NASDAQ: SPEC) is a leading provider of mass spectrometry solutions, committed to delivering innovative and precise analytical instruments for various industries. Our cutting-edge technologies enable businesses to achieve higher efficiency, better performance, and sustainability.

About American Ag Energy

American Ag Energy is a Boston-based startup dedicated to developing high-efficiency biomass-to-fuel reactors. Utilizing agricultural waste as feedstock, their reactors produce gaseous fuel for use in existing gas-fired equipment, promoting sustainable energy and reducing carbon emissions.

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