Spectaire Unveils AireCore 2.0: Opening New Revenue Opportunities in Pharmaceuticals, Environmental Analysis, and Advanced Materials Research

July 10, 2024

Latest technology advancements also enhance capabilities in core industries, including logistics and energy

WATERTOWN, Mass., July 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Spectaire Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: SPEC) (“Spectaire” or the “Company”), a pioneer in environmental measurement technology, today announced the upcoming release of AireCore 2.0, the next generation in micro mass spectrometry. Scheduled for shipment in Q1 2025, AireCore 2.0 will feature Double Focusing Mass Spectrometry (DFMS), a significant advancement over the previous Single Focusing Mass Spectrometry (SFMS) technology, positioning the Company for new revenue streams and substantial market opportunities.

Key Enhancements with DFMS:

  • Enhanced Resolution and Accuracy: DFMS technology allows for greater separation of ions with similar mass-to-charge ratios, providing higher resolution and more accurate mass determinations.
  • Broader Analytical Range: DFMS expands the range of detectable molecules, including those with higher masses and more complex structures.

These advancements will enable the identification of a wider array of substances, including complex organic and biological molecules. As a result, AireCore 2.0 will open new markets for Spectaire, including pharmaceuticals, environmental analysis, agricultural monitoring, and advanced materials research, while continuing to enhance capabilities in the Company’s core industries such as logistics and energy.

The global mass spectrometry market is expected to reach $15.6 billion by 2033, growing at a CAGR of 8.9%, according to Precedence Research. The enhanced capabilities of AireCore 2.0 significantly strengthen Spectaire’s ability to capitalize on this growth. The increased resolution and sensitivity will attract more customers seeking precise, reliable, and cost-effective solutions, ultimately driving significant revenue growth for Spectaire.

Dr. Brian Hemond, Chief Technology Officer of Spectaire, commented on this development: “AireCore 2.0 is the natural evolution of the AireCore platform. By incorporating a double focusing mass analyzer, we significantly expand our intellectual property differentiation. This new system maintains our primary vision of providing price-accessible, easy-to-use, in-situ, real-time spectral analysis, while delivering enhanced resolution essential for applications such as identifying heavier fuel hydrocarbons in process controls and analyzing biologically important compounds like pharmaceuticals and respiratory products.”

Brian Semkiw, CEO of Spectaire, also highlighted the strategic impact of AireCore 2.0: “The introduction of AireCore 2.0 not only strengthens our position in existing markets such as logistics and energy but also allows us to broaden our installations at current clients while becoming a new platform solution for other industries like pharmaceuticals and environmental analysis. AireCore revolutionized environmental measurement by bringing mass spectrometers out of the labs and into the field, and with AireCore 2.0, we are excited to broaden the industries we serve. This technological leap underscores our commitment to driving innovation and expanding our market reach with cutting-edge technology.”

Spectaire is poised to revolutionize the field of micro mass spectrometry with AireCore 2.0, setting a new standard for accuracy and accessibility.

For more information about AireCore 2.0 and its upcoming release, please visit https://www.spectaire.com.

About Spectaire Holdings Inc.

Spectaire Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: SPEC) is a pioneering company in the field of environmental measurement technology, dedicated to developing innovative solutions that provide accurate, accessible, and efficient analytical capabilities across various industries. Our mission is to enhance scientific and industrial processes through advanced spectral analysis technologies.

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